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Carissa's Emergency

Some unknown substance triggered an anaphylactic reaction that took my daughter, Carissa, to the ER today. Very scary. (May I say, especially when you've already lost a son). Anaphylaxis is always serious, and can be fatal. A shot of epinephrine and some other meds, and she is home resting now, but utterly exhausted. This is the condition still so little known in the medical world called Mast Cell Activation Disease or Syndrome (MCAD or MCAS). She seems to have gotten through this one. But this is a young lady of very frail health. She knows that when you have MCAS, a puff of wind on the leg can bring on anaphylaxis, if your "bucket (of toxins, stress, etc.) is full." My old friend Duane Stous used to say to me (with a smile): "why pray, when we can worry?" I think he was being facetious. If you ask us, we'd really rather you spend the time continuing IN PRAYER please, for Carissa.

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