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Prayers for South India

While I was posting about trying out new morning beverage blends, a FB friend in South India tells me his church congregation and orphan children are suffering because they can't get clean water to drink. Here is what he messaged me:

SURESH: "Yes brother, Hindus and muslims are not giving drinking water to one of my Tribal church congregation and orphan children . Now all the church members and orphan children as well as old ages are drinking uncleaned small muddy creek Ponds water everyday, after walking several miles to bring that water to homes in my village. We are located in Pathamaguluru Village, Prakasam District, Andhra Pradesh State, South India. Right now our church member Ramulamma and some orphan kids are suffering from stomach pains because of muddy water drinking everyday. Also remaining church members and orphan kids are in heavy thirst because of hot summer here. We hope for God's blessings to get a small water well to be dug at our church through His children to Bless our church members and orphans with water for physical need, as He reveals the truth, Philippians 4 :19 And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus."

ME: Suresh Paul Talluri of Home South India Mission tells me they need $700 asap to build a well to supply water for these needy people. I AM NOT ASKING ANYONE FOR MONEY HERE. I am asking if all of us as believers could PRAY and ask the Lord to relieve this situation. If, after praying, the Lord lays it on your heart to do something more tangible, that is between you and Him, please. After praying, myself, I feel I at very least need to do what I can to make others aware of this.

I know we need to be wary of scams of all kinds on social media, etc. I have been dialoguing with Suresh for a few months, now, and as far as I can tell, this is the real deal.

I am sharing a link Suresh passed on to me for you to check things further yourself.

IT ONLY COSTS US A FEW MOMENTS TO PRAY! Here are more of Suresh's own words:

SURESH: "We dont know brother how the relief can come to pay for the water well digging company. Hoping and Praying, Lord will.

In front of us has occurring so many bad things and insults of our daily life from Hindus and Muslims. do you believe the killing the Church members, Burning the Bibles, insulting the pastors and attacking here in our areas. we just living only with Hope."

PLEASE PRAY. In Him, Ernie

Here is a second link sent to me by Suresh.

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