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Beautiful Melody

Last night, we attended a Jewish Havdalah Bonfire and Potluck. My son-in-law played guitar and led in singing the traditional Havdalah song, which was new and totally unfamiliar to me. But my heart was thrilled beyond expectation by the next song -- Eliahu Hanavi. Another traditional Jewish song, sung in Hebrew. It's about Elijah, the prophet, whom the Bible says will return to signify the 2nd coming of Yeshua, the Messiah (see Malachi 4:5-6; Matthew 17:10-12). THAT one is well known and loved by all the Richards clan. It has a beautiful, haunting melody, about an emotionally stirring subject -- Israel waiting, waiting, through the long, weary ages, for the fulfilment of all their Messianic hopes. We have sung it many times, as we have celebrated Christ in the Passover and performed the customary Jewish Seder. My vocal problem (spasmodic dysphonia), interestingly, messes only with my speaking voice. I considered it the mercy of God that it didn't affect my singing; that being controlled by a separate compartment of the brain! But the Botox injections I normally get every three months absolutely DESTROY my singing voice, while only restoring my speech partially and temporarily. A real "Catch-22"! Consequently, I have not been doing much singing for the past 3 or 4 years (not even in the car, along with my favorite Getty CD's!). Because we lost our med insurance when we left NTBI, I haven't had a Botox shot since April. My speaking voice has been pretty rough. But I've been able to enjoy singing again! So, our new young friend, David, and I were belting it out on Eliahu Hanavi. David, who sat down right next to us at the bonfire, happens to have an excellent voice, and I was actually enjoying the sound of my own again; first time in a long time. Man, it felt SO good to the soul! But then, at the very end, IN MY HEAD, I could "hear" the dulcet strains of a violin, playing along beautifully with the melody on the chorus. And I remembered. Carissa and I had worked hard rehearsing a 2-part harmony on that very stirring chorus. So I was very mindful of that the whole time we sang. But the last couple times we did Passover, I persuaded Levi to play along on his violin. I believe it was only the Lord's tender mercy that kept THAT sweet, precious memory from being triggered JUST LONG ENOUGH for my heart to be truly uplifted by a full-throated, heartful singing of Eliahu with our Messianic Jewish friends. Because once Levi and his sweet violin accompaniment got into my head, the singing was all over for this boy.

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